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Commentary on:Critiques By Nikaule: Boy Breaking GlassBY GWENDOLYN BROOKSTo Marc Craw...

Critiques By Nikaule: Boy Breaking GlassBY GWENDOLYN BROOKS
To Marc Craw...
: Boy Breaking Glass BY  GWENDOLYN BROOKS To Marc Crawford from whom the commission Whose broken window is a cry of art    (suc...

I read this poem and it was pretty confusing. I looked at what other people had to say about this poem and most of them said that it was about the "ghetto blacks" surviving inequality and white power. From this I can infer that the poem was probably written during the civil rights era(1960's).

In the poem, the boy is tired of being mistreated and abused by the white people.

The poem seems to be in free verse, although the first stanza anticipates it being an iambic pentameter. The author also includes slant rhythm in her poem.

In one stanza, the boy says, "The music is in minors." By this, the author might have intended minor to be like the minority group in which the boy belongs to.

As I began reading and looking at what other people had to say about this poem, I began to comprehend the poem more and more. But, I still do not i understand why the poem was dedicated to Marc Crawford. Is Marc Crawford the little boy mentioned in the poem?

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