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Commentary for: Kennedy's Poetry project: Yahia Lababidi Poem #2 "Words"

Poetry project: Yahia Lababidi Poem #2 "Words": Words are like days: coloring books or pickpockets, signposts or scratching posts, fakirs over hot coals. Certain words must be earned just..

This is a poem by Yahia Lababidi called "Words." Kennedy posted this poem on her blog.
In the poem, "Words," there are an abundance of metaphors. The author, Yahia Lababidi, compares words to other things that are usually not alike.
First of all, Yahia says that words are like days in the first stanza. Then she goes on saying the many things that are like words.
The most important line of this poem for me was when the author says, " every word is a cosmos dissolving the inarticulate." Here, the author says that words destroy the person that does not know how to articulate themselves correctly or that does not know how to talk correctly. This means that you do not know how to use your words. This ends up destroying you because you can not communicate with people.

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