viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Commentary for Marisol Lozano: Dynamic analysis: Come not when I am dead

Dynamic analysis: Come not when I am dead: Come not when I am dead Come not,when I am dead, To drop thy foolish tears upon my grave, To trample round my fallen head, And vex the ...

This poem was posted on Marisol's blog. The poem was easy for me to understand. When I read at first, I immediately thought that the poem was talking about a love relationship that did not have a happy ending.
One of the lovers came to realize the love he/she felt something for the other person, but it was just too late. The other lover was already dying.
In the commentary I was reading from Marisol, she says that the poem talks about a love relationship gone wrong. And, I agree with the commentary she posted.

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