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Commentary for Emoni: Contempoary And Classical Poets: Rita Dove: Daystar


Contempoary And Classical Poets: Rita Dove: Daystar: She wanted a little room for thinking:  but she saw diapers steaming  on the line, A doll slumped behind the door. So she lugged a chair be...

This poem was posted on Emoni Cook's blog. I thought this poem was interesting and relevant to most people. In short terms, it talks about a woman who is taking care of her little girl, Liza. When the little girl takes her nap, she has an hour to herself and goes out to the fields. She knows that this is the only free time she has in the whole day "before Liza appeared pouting from the top of the stairs."
This poem had an abundance of imagery. She vividly described the little things she would do to enjoy herself by saying, "Sometimes there were things to watch--the pinched armor of a vanished cricket, a floating maple leaf." The audience can easily see the leaves floating freely with the wind with no worries. 
From Emoni's commentary, I agree when she said that the diction of the poem helps to maintain the idea of the theme. She uses words that relate to the main idea of the poem. 
In my view point, this poem is dedicated to all the mothers that must tend to their children day and night. 
The picture that Emoni used was relevant to the poem. It shows a tired mother trying to sleep her baby in the middle of the night.

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