jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Commentary for Ashantee Ponder: World of Poetry : She by Alice Walker

World of Poetry : She: She She is the one who will notice that the first snapdragon of Spring is in bloom; She is the one who will tell the most funny &a...

The woman you see in the picture below is the person that this poem is dedicated to. Alice Walker dedicated Gloria Steinem this poem for her 75th birthday.
When I began reading the poem, I thought the speaker was writting to his lover. The speaker describes this person with so much passion that this was the first thing that came to my mind.
As I reached the end of the poem, the author wrote that she had dedicated this poem to Gloria. Otherwise I would have thought that the speaker was a male figure and not Alice Walker, herself.
When I read Ashantee's commentary for this specific poem, I agree when she said that the author used the repetition of the word "she." She used this repetition to add an emphasis to Gloria Steinem and all the attributions that she has made.

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